On Paul Nicholson as the most damaged figure in darts

Darts is wrestling. It’s a concept that comes up again and again, both as an explanation and a criticism. They’re both bombastic, overblown “sporting events” that begin in the town halls and progressed to the larger stages. They both originated as working men’s pastimes. They both have a theoretical cast of thousands that effectively boil down to the same 30 or 40 people fighting it out for the top organisation’s titles. Each man has a gimmick, each gimmick has a theme tune, each theme tune has a designated crowd response. And in Stone Cold Steve Austin and Robert Thornton, both men have a slaphead wifebeater at the top table. Continue reading

Stephen Bunting, Taylor’s whitewash and @SkySportsDarts


Stephen Bunting was a big part of the reasoning behind this blog being set up. I like him a lot as a player and have no reason to dislike him as a person. I like how he seems to come from a different England, an England of “Strike it Lucky” and “You Bet!” and when “Stars In Their Eyes” contestants still blacked up. An England where pork scratching were still sold on cardboard placards of Page 3 models.  Continue reading