Aden Kirk: The Last Working Class Hero


It’s weird to remember that, for a few years at the turn of the century, poker on television was a genuinely exciting proposition. Channel 4’s Late Night Poker was briefly essential viewing. Each week a group of mine who all looked like they had lock-up garages rented in fake names would play a few hands, with commentary provided by the mouth above Victoria Coren’s breasts. The show had personalities, all the guys there looked like they gambled and they all looked like they had no concept of the correct way to pursue a healthy work/life balance. Indeed, the number of episodes that ended with a black-and-white photo of one of the competitors and the words “has since passed away” etched beside it in italics must have been in the double figures. Continue reading

Wes Newton isn’t a terrible darts player, Simon Whitlock probably is


How did you cope when you finally realised that Wes Newton is a good darts player? I didn’t. I just ignored it. Most of us did. He’s a hard man to love and an even harder man to hate. He’s an ever-present whose presence never registers, a permanent fixture with no significant features. If professional darts was a shopping centre food court, Newton would be The West Cornwall Pasty Company. Continue reading